Thursday, January 20, 2011

MACs Sketch Eyeshadow

 No matter how much I try to steer myself away from buying JUST Mac, I always come back to this brand.
When it comes to makeup, I feel I should try a wide range of brands and such but there are just
some items I cannot resist.

One eyeshadow I kept hearing rave reviews about on Makeupalley was Sketch.
I put off buying this shadow for a while because I thought I owned all the
purples I would need. I was wrong. Sketch is unlike any other purple I own.
I can apply this shadow 2 separate ways to achieve 2 different

In a fit of boredom I experimented with this color a bit and smoked it out into my outer
V as well as into the crease. The more I blended it, the more plummy it appeared.
Before this look I had just popped it into the outer V a bit and it appeared a gorgeous burgundy brown
shade with a hint of red.
Face: MUFE Velvet +

EyesRicepaper (lid)
Sketch (crease,  outer V, lash line)
Shale blended around sketch
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Cheeks: Korres Natural Blush
Nars Albatross

Lips: MAC Syrup Lipstick


I also switched Twitter accounts;
you can now follow me @ NEVERenoughMU

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonders for my Skin

For a while, I have had great luck with my skin **knocks on wood.**
My skin is on the normal side with an occasional breakout, but even that is rare.

However, I do have one problem when it comes to my skin.
The problem - WHITE HEADS!
More so than not, I have these small raised skin colored bumps
around my chin. Right before Christmas they got really bad
so I ordered a product that I had great luck with in the past
as well as a new cleanser that I have never tried before.
If you followed my old blog, you may remember the products I reviewed by a company
called Cellnique. Since then I have ran out of my Skin Action Sebum Gel & repurchased
along with one of their cleansers.

The Sebum Gel does a really good job at getting rid of, and preventing future
whiteheads. The active ingredient is Potassium Azelaoyl Diglycinate (PAD), which keeps
sebum, or oils, under control. Within days of using this gel, a majority of the bumps on
my skin disappeared.

The second product that has really helped my skin is Cellnique's Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Before this I was using
Clinique's foaming cleanser which I found dried my skin. This is essentially the same thing, but Celnique's is more gentle on the skin. It does a nice job at cleansing my face but not stripping it of its natural oils.

Finally, to exfoliate, my new Clarisonic (in pink) does wonders :) I recently received this for Christmas
and I love it. I don't use it everyday but when I do, my skin feels extra smooth. 

The combination of these three products has really helped the appearance of my skin.
While they are not the cheapest of products, my skin is something I take pride in
and am willing to splurge to keep it healthy looking.